Real Estate

Holiday complex in a secluded location also as a capital investment

  • Location: Mediterranean Sea 5 km, Italian Riviera 5 km, Monte Carlo 20 km, Nice airport 40 km, Sanremo 10 km
  • Property type: Restaurant, Ranch, Farm, Villa B&B
  • Land: 5 hectares, Olives, Wine
  • Use: Holiday, Farm stay, Investment, Restaurant, B&B
  • Price: 2.2 million euro


This place has a particular vibe. I love to be here every day and I thank the place for letting me stay here. It has a very strong vibration of love, of peace, of FREEDOM. There is an incredible, almost unnatural silence. A guest, a gardener from Milan, one day told me: “Here there is an ear-splitting silence!” Sensitive people and children feel it. The farm has my name, it is called “The Refuge of Artemis”! (Cinzia = Selene or Diana or Artemide). Even when I was little I knew I had a great mission. Children also come here to do educational farm workshops. I like to convey my emotions to them. Let them discover what they don’t see at first. That is wellness as natural emotion.

Above the three main buildings of the farmhouse and above the heart-shaped vineyard there is a large and beautiful (so wild and nice) plot of land, but I did not yet have time to intervene with my imagination. It is a magical place, unspoiled nature. Ancient stone houses almost destroyed … You have to walk the place and to take your time to understand what to do there.

When I arrived here from Germany I saw a documentary on TV about field tent which were shaped like a big fig and hung on a tree, not on the ground! Too bad, I can’t find the documentary, not the product to buy it anymore. You could put up lodges or magnificent tents or a house and a riding stable and a swimming pool andmaybe some horses or some quite alpacas. It could be a kingdom for children or a shelter for those in need… or both, or something else!

Between the panoramic restaurant and the opposite hill where my donkey and my goat go to sunbathe, among the olive trees, there could be a strong mobile bridge, made with ropes, like those found in Nepal. Then, even in winter, you could always reach a place in the sun. A very simple wooden house would fit in there, with large windows to admire the view. You would be able to stay there during the day to read or meditate, with rugs and pillows and simple things. The spot is protected by the hill and sheltered from the winds. Immediately below there is a grove and the ground is made up of narrow and long dry stone terraces: they are called “fasce”. In the grove near the spring, you could imagine an aerial path made of ropes, to let children pass from tree to tree: yes an Adventure Camp! Maybe there could be a tiny little wooden house for children, built on top of a tree! like they do in America.

The place I live now saved my life! I am grateful. I wish to leave it in good hands. To those who have sensitivity, imagination, fantasy, a sense of beauty, a love of freedom and respect.

I can also stay a while like a housekeeper, because I love this place, this peace.

It needs a big family, or a group of young people, or a community or

A Great Blue Blood Family using to appreciate beauty, nature, freedom.

There were my visions wich are YOURS?