At almost 600 mt. above sea level, the medieval village of Perinaldo, built in the XI century on the ruins of an ancient “castelliere”, is disposed to cover the ridge with a unique panorama between sea and mountains; to the south as a natural amphitheater the colored valley of olive groves and Mediterranean maquis, vineyards and cultivations of broom and mimose;

To the North a balcony over the woods of pines and oaks toward the French Maritime Alps and the peaks of the Ligurian Alps.
The splendid hilly position equidistant from the sea and from the mountains offers a climate mild much ideal for holidays and vacations.

The historical center between carrugi and squares has preserved the charm of the old Podium Rainaldi; old patrician houses like to mild the country that reveals the visitor to discover the ancient walls of sandstone, the ogival arches of 300, churches, rich of paintings and art and the Castle Maraldi.

Birthplace of eminent scientists, the parent Giò Domenico Cassini astronomer at the court of the Sun King, Giacomo Domenico and Giacomo Filippo Maraldi astronomers and cartographers and Giovanni Tommaso Borgonio cartographer and engraver, it embellishes with pride of the appellative of Poggio delle Stelle with its Astronomical Observatory G.D. Cassini.


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